Yoga Do’s and Don’ts During Your Period

Yoga Do's and Don't During Your Period #MyYoga  |

by Robyn Wright on March 2, 2015

in Health

Yoga Do's and Don'ts During Your Period #MyYoga  |

Yes, I’m going to talk about women’s periods today. It may not be the most fun topic, but it still is important. As I have been sharing with you that I’m working with Gaiam TV’s MyYoga (disclosure – I am compensated for my work; opinions are my own) one thing I kept seeing on a lot of the videos was a medical warning at the beginning and they all mentioned that it may not be appropriate if you are having your menstrual period. Hmmmm, that’s great that they tell me, but I needed to know more. I understand the need these days for warnings on everything, but sadly it leaves us without enough info at times. I had been totally avoiding practicing yoga during the week of my period until recently when I did some research and found the answers I needed. Doing a search on I came up with many videos and articles that really helped me understand all of this.

  • Avoid Inversion Poses During Your Period
    This is really what those warnings are about for the most part. It has to do with the uterine blood supply and the thin-walled uterine veins. When we do inversions our uterus is drawn down by gravity and it can lead to collapse or occlusions of those veins. Inversion poses to avoid during your period will include Downward Facing Tree Pose, Shoulder Stand Pose, Plow Pose, Full Bridge Pose and others.

    Plow Pose not recommended during your period

    Photo source: #MyYoga
  • Modify Poses During Your Period
    I also learned it is okay to modify some poses a bit during your period. While you can modify, for me, I think just focusing on poses more suited to use during my period is a better idea since I am still new to yoga. When you watch the MyYoga videos though the instructors generally offer some modification tips during the session to help you.
  • Yoga Can Help Regular Your Endocrine System
    So our endocrine system has to do with glands and organs in our body. We all know that our bodies go thru changes throughout the month and when all is working as planned things are balanced. However, how many of us live in perfect harmony without outside influences on our system? Regular yoga actually does encourage our system to regular itself though! Cool!
  • Some Yoga Poses Can Help Us Feel Better During Our Period
    While I was looking originally at what yoga to avoid during my period, I also found out that there are several poses that can help me feel better during my period. Forward bending poses, like the Standing Forward Pose, seem to help the most with heavy bleeding and cramps, which sadly I have. Other poses to try are twisting poses, supported back bends (I’m not quite ready for those yet), supported leg-only inversions, and the Corpse Pose.

    Standing Forward Pose mya help ease heavy bleeding and cramps during your period #MyYoga

    Photo source: #MyYoga

As I get older my period has changed and is still changing. All of ours will. Learning more about how are body works and having lots of resources helps us feel better and be healthier. There are no rules about when we can stop learning new things to help ourselves either. I have been really happy with adding yoga to my life. While I still consider myself a beginner at yoga even though I have been doing it for a few months, I can still notice the positive changes in my body. This is really something I suggest everyone give a try. Make sure you check out my earlier posts, Yes You Can Do Yoga and How Yoga Can Help You At

If you want to start yoga or even if you are already practicing it, I recommend giving MyYoga from GaiamTV a try. Your membership lets you watch tons of yoga videos of all skills, levels, and styles on your computer, TV, smartphone, tablet, gaming systems, and more.

Have you tried yoga to help with your period? Do you have any other advice to share to help with monthly cycles?



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