Nokia Apps Are Amazing

Some of my favorite amazing Nokia Apps

by Robyn Wright on April 22, 2014

in Tech

You all know I love to play around with apps and try out new things. I have to say though that I am consistently impressed with all the Nokia apps that I try. I’m a fan of the Nokia devices as well, right now I’m using a Nokia Lumia Icon Smartphone thanks to Verizon as part of my #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Ambassadorship. While I do get perks for being a part of the program the opinions about the devices and apps are always my own. For those of you who see me in person at any event you know that I really do use a Nokia phone and have these apps and sing their praises for my own use.

You can see I already have a ton of these Nokia apps on my phone. I have not tried all of them yet though, but I am working on it. So far, I have 17 Nokia apps alone.

Nokia Apps #VZWBuzz Nokia Apps #VZWBuzz

Nokia Camera App

The built-in camera app on the Nokia Lumia Icon, and all of my other Nokia Lumia smartphones, is fantastic on its own. However, if you want to do even more with your camera I suggest using the Nokia Camera app as your default instead. When you use this app simply swipe the camera icon that appears (it’s on the far right of these screenshots) and it will slide out these radial areas. In the first capture you can see that it is all set to automatic. In the second capture you can see I have adjusted the settings. You do this by simply sliding the little circle icons for any of them where you want. These allow you to adjust brightness, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and more.

Nokia Camera App #VZWBuzz Nokia Camera App #VZWBuzz

Nokia Car App

While we always talk about not texting and driving and other distractions while we drive, our smartphones have become tools that we use in our cars. The Nokia Car App is a simple one that lets you select a few apps that you use in your car for super easy access. You can change these to your apps of choice. Including a navigation app and your favorite music app are crucial in my book. Use this if you have a car mount installed. By the way, Hubby and I both have car mounts and I will share about that in a future post.

Nokia Car App #VZWBuzzNokia Car App #VZWBuzz

Nokia Cinemagraph App

This is another photo related app and very cool. You can make animated images easily. Yes, you can take video with your phones, but sometimes an animated image suits a moment better. I just did a quick one outside my door – this is several photos looped together. The cool thing is that you could keep the background steady and move people or pets around in your animation also.

nokia cinemagraph animated gift #VZWBuzz
I love that you can select just certain colors to keep also. The first photo I kept just one of the greens. The second image I kept just the blue. Much easier than some other apps that require you to draw over the colored objects because my finger is always bigger than the area on the screen I want.

Nokia Cinemagraph App  #VZWBuzz Nokia Cinemagraph App  #VZWBuzz

Nokia Mix Radio App

I am a big fan of Xbox Music and have used that for a long time now and I was not sure why I would need another service but at a recent event I learned more about Nokia Mix Radio and how it compliments Xbox Music. There is a free and paid version (paid is $3.99/month currently). It is like many other streaming music services in that you tell it what you like and it mixes music together for you based on your preferences. You can skip songs as well.

You can make multiple mixes too. I did this one with Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, and Waylon Jennings. It finds those artists’ music plus other music that is similar. The super cool part is that you can download a personal mix to listen to offline. It will get an hours worth of music for you! This is great for in the car when you do not want to use your data plan to stream music. Just download when you are on wi-fi and have it ready to go when you are out and about. I also love that I can go into the app and see what songs have recently played.

Nokia Mix Radio App #VZWBuzz Nokia Mix Radio App #VZWBuzz
Nokia Mix Radio App #VZWBuzz Nokia Mix Radio App #VZWBuzz

Nokia Pocket Magnifier App

This is one of those very utilitarian apps. In simple, it allows you to zoom in, just like you would with a magnifying glass, to read small print. You can zoom in up to 4x and have a light on if you need. You can capture the images as well so you don’t have to hold your hand steady. I know as I get older small print is getting a lot harder to see so something so simple, but so useful, like this app I really appreciate.

Nokia Pocket Magnifier App #VZWBuzznokia pocket magnifier 3
There are lots of other great Nokia apps that you should try as well. One of the coolest is Nokia Refocus App – but it is so cool it needs its own post! I will try to do one on that app soon along with some of the others.

Find out more detail about these Nokia apps and download them on your Nokia devices. They can also be found in the Windows Phone App Store.

Have you tried any of these Nokia apps or others? Which one seems the most interesting or helpful to you?


Robyn is a #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger


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