8 Reasons To Take Your Smartphone On Vacation

8 Reasons You Should Take Your Smartphone On Vacation With You This Summer  |  RobynsOnlineWorld.com

by Robyn Wright on March 26, 2015

in Tech

8 reasons to take your smartphone on vacation from RobynsOnlineWorld.com

Summer is on its way and that means time for vacation! Now as much as I am connected to the world I do like to unplug sometimes. However, when I am traveling that is not a time I want to totally unplug. I plan on taking my smartphone on vacation with me. Yes, the phone will have to work a bit, but I promise I will still put it away some of the time for both of us to enjoy some down time.

  1. Your Trip Details In One Place
    There are thousands of ways to do this, but keeping all of your travel details on your smartphone in one place is so incredibly convenient! There are apps specifically made to do this or you can use your phones calendar, OneNote, Evernote, or other similar apps as well. Make sure that you can access the data though even if you do not have a connection – it happens. Include flight reservations, hotel reservations, addresses, phone numbers, digital ticket information, lists of things you want to see, and anything else that is important to you during the trip.
  2. Keep Track of Members of the Trip
    Before you head out on the trip make sure you have important details and a recent photo of everyone you are traveling with. Include full name, their smartphone number, photo, and other info. You can actually take a new photo of each person each day with your phone. This way if someone is lost you have all the info you need to share with people to help you find them. Make sure everyone has this info on each of their phones too in case you get lost!
  3. Never Get Lost
    Before you head out on your travels be sure to find your favorite map/GPS/location app so you never get lost. Ideally you want maps that can be used for directions even without a connection too. People do get a bit confused with map apps at times so familiarize yourself with one before you actually leave. Make sure to also input the address of your hotel or homes you will be staying on while you travel also.
  4. Photos and Videos
    No longer do we have to carry around separate cameras and giant video cameras. Remember those full size VHS ones that weighed a ton? Today’s smartphones have amazing cameras and video cameras built into them. Use this to document your trip!
  5. Destination Information
    Before you head out on your trip search for apps related to your destination. If you are traveling to San Francisco for example, search for that in your favorite app store. You will find many apps that include things like local mass transit maps, sightseeing information, apps for museums and self-guided tours, and so much more.
  6. Eat and Sleep on the Fly
    If you are less of a plan maker and want to just go where the wind blows apps that find hotel rooms available for that night or open tables at nearby restaurants can really be beneficial.
  7. Translate Text and Speech
    There are tons of great apps that will also translate both text, by taking a picture, and speech, by recording a voice. While there is still nothing like learning a new language (use an app for that too), having some translating help can really be a life saver.
  8. Stay Entertained
    Finally, when we travel we all inevitably seem to end up waiting. Waiting for a plane, train, in line at a park, for a hotel room, etc. Pack your smartphone with music, ebooks, video, and games to keep you entertained when you are waiting and can’t get out and see the sights!

How do you use your smartphone when you travel? Do you have any favorite apps to help with traveling?



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