Storage Style Quiz
(Family Features) Storage has style? Really? Of course it does. And when it comes to tackling storage projects, don’t skimp on creating the style that best suits your personality.

“Creative, attractive and functional storage can give any home a refreshing lift,” says Scott Davis, ClosetMaid’s VP of Product Development and Marketing. “Whether it’s a master closet, linen closet, entry way closet or simply decorative storage, select a style that reflects you.”

Regardless of your preference, there are a variety of storage solutions to create the perfect look for you.

Not sure of your storage style? The experts at ClosetMaid offer this simple quiz to help you discover yours.

  1. Quick – you’re boarding a plane to Europe. Where’s it heading?
    1. London
    2. Paris
    3. Rome
    4. Barcelona
  1. Your dining table is begging for a flower arrangement. What kind?
    1. A display of live bamboo
    2. A mix of white and red roses
    3. A small grouping of calla lilies
    4. A bunch of wild flowers
  1. It’s not just date night – it’s the perfect date night. What’s yours?
    1. Cocktails and conversation
    2. A walk in the moonlight, destination nowhere
    3. Dinner and a movie
    4. That new band you’ve heard about
  1. Pretend you’re a musician in an orchestra. What’s your section?
    1. Brass
    2. Woodwinds
    3. Strings
    4. Percussion
  1. What’s your favorite holiday?
    1. New Year’s Eve
    2. Valentine’s Day
    3. Thanksgiving
    4. Halloween

So, what’s your style? If you answered:

  • Mostly As? You’re MODERN.

Clean lines, immaculate style and a fashionable and highly functional place for everything. That’s the essence of modern style.

  • Mostly Bs? You’re VINTAGE.

Soft, colorful, textured and perfectly composed. The vintage style views necessary storage as a palette for personal expression.

  • Mostly Cs? You’re CLASSIC/TRADITIONAL.

To be classic means understanding that it’s not about always being in style, it’s about never going out of style.

  • Mostly Ds? You’re ECLECTIC.

There is only one rule for the eclectic: you know it when you see it. This style is all about being able to see everything you love in interesting combinations.

Embracing your individual style and creating functional, attractive storage space will not only enhance your home, it will keep you motivated and feeling good about maintaining the order and neatness surrounding you.

For more information about your storage style and products to match, visit, or call 1-800-874-0008.



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