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by Robyn Wright on May 24, 2011

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This past Sunday we went to my parent’s house again, this time for my nephew’s birthday party and our monthly game night. My nephew asked to have kabobs again for the meal (the birthday person picks the food). Last year they pre-made the kabobs, this year my mom decided to do a make-your-own-kabob party which I thought was great! I have done this at my house with things like pizza, tacos, etc., but had never thought of doing kabobs.

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Before everyone arrived Mom did the prep work. She cut up the meats and marinated them; she did beef and chicken. Then we had all types of veggies like cherry tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, squash, red peppers, green peppers, orange peppers and even pineapple which is fabulous grilled. She had some metal skewers but also soaked wooden skewers ahead of time since there were so many people.

My suggestion would be to have everyone pick the items they want and put them on their plate and then make their kabobs. This way you don’t have to worry about cross contamination with the meats and the other items. If you have guests who are squeamish about raw meats offer to make theirs for them. As the guests complete their kabobs they go out to the grill.

4544_00 BeefKabobsWithGrilledPineappleSalsa_thumb.jpgMy dad was the chef at our party. He grilled the kabobs as they came out. In addition he made some hamburgers and hotdogs for those who didn’t want kabobs. Make sure that you place the cooked kabobs on a clean plate for your guests, not on the same one they brought the raw kabob out on – again to avoid contimination from the raw meats.

The marinades can be anything you want. I personally prefer beef kabobs and have found a ton of great recipes for them on Beef It’s What’s For Dinner.

We are, sadly, without a grill right now. Hubby’s nice gas grill has died so we are saving up for a new one. This means all BBQ invites are accepted right now LOL!

So are you a kabob fan? What is your favorite marinade or combo for kabobs?

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