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by Robyn Wright on November 25, 2011

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#ShopSmall #SBSPerkThis Saturday, November 26, is Shop Small Day. It is an initiative with American Express to encourage us all to support small businesses. While we all love to get a good deal on things at the big box stores, we also need to understand the importance of small business in our economy. They may not be able to give you the lowest price, but they more than make it up to you in service and giving back to the community.

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We have a fabulous historic Main Street district in my town with many small businesses. One of my favorites is Olde Town Spice Shoppe and I will be going there tomorrow to spend my $25 American Express Klout Perks card I received to fill up on some spices for holiday cooking and some loose teas.

While not everyone received a prepaid American Express card, you can still register to get a $25 credit when you register your American Express card and #ShopSmall November 26. All the details can be found on the Shop Small Facebook page. Make sure you follow @ShopSmall on Twitter to hear more about Small Business Saturday.

What is your favorite small business to shop at in your home town?

Disclosure: I received a prepaid card as a Klout Perk via American Express. I am an American Express customer already and have always been a supporter of small business owners.

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  • Cyndie Norell

    I love to shop downtown.  My downtown area is historic and beautiful!!

  • nik

    We have a supercool co-op here with excellent handcrafted art and jewelry from local artists…definitely my favorite. Everything from furniture and ceramics to jewelry and clothing to toys and books. Several of my friends show here so I like to support their work.  :)

    • Robyn’s Online World

      Excellent Nik! We have an artists co-op store in our historic mainstreet area also and it has great stuff!

  • JessieC

    I love shopping our downtown bakery.

  • Camsgram10

    What a excellent idea, you find things you wouldn’t be able to find & that are really unique

  • tannawings

    There is a handmade ironworks store in a little town next to ours that I am hoping to get to either Saturday or sometime next week. I want to try to find something ornamental to put out in the garden!

  • simplydab

    Thanks for the reminder – guess I’m going shopping tomorrow :)

  • deadchristmastrees

    This is such a good thing.  Small business is the way to go but unfortunately the higher prices keep people from buying….I’m one of them.  I just cant afford to buy everything locally.  Its sad really.  I moved to a new town so I have a ton of new shops to explore!

  • terrik

    Yes, for me it’s the Park Road Bookstore, my favorite local small business and I’ve been going there since I moved here, about 15 years now.  I LOVE the staff, can’t tell you how much, they have all kinds of author signings for local and regional authors, storytelling events for kids, everything.  There are only two things I’d change about it if I could:  I’d like for them to have more square feet and I’d like to have a secret tunnel from my house to there.

    Small Businesses to me are the heart of a town, what gives it character and makes it special.  I do  not ever want to be in a situation where every town has the exact same restaurants, the exact same retail stores, etc., I like towns that have character based on the personalities of the people living there, not the cookie-cutter mentality that seems to increasingly pervade our society.  

  • Ravzie

    We have a great little wine shop in our town.  I love to go there!  The owner has free wine tastings and teaches about the wines.  That’s how I learned about wines.  And of course, I have purchased more than just a few bottles from her, LOL.

  • Wanda McHenry

    We weren’t sure what we would do for Shop Small Saturday, but we decided to have lunch at a small Italian Restaurant to support them. The food is great and they are an asset to our community!

  • Mary Beth Hunt

    I registered for this on Amex from your blog. I did it last year, too. I mostly use my AMEX for Costco purchases and Discov. for everything else…..I shopped at my favorite Gramma Store in Omaha….


    We love our local small town grocery store, paid a visit Saturday!

  • Auriette

    We try to patronize locally owned businesses when we can. In the past, we’ve asked if a local store could come close to the price of the same product from a big box store. When they can give us a break, we’ll give them the business. Even if we pay a little bit more, we know it’s good for our whole community to keep them around.

  • AngelaLilly

    I love love love that they had this promotion this year!  Local businesses are SO important to support!  I have many that I love to visit.  On this particular day, I went to Wholly Craft, Pattycake Vegan Bakery, and Generation Green!

  • Sweetone62406

    I really loved this promotion.  I was also able to get in on the Klout perk.  My husband and I ate at a local sub shop. We have quite a few small business around us. I need to always remember to check them out first and recommend them to others.

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