by Robyn Wright on March 21, 2012

in Living


Right now.

Just do it.


It is not hard.

Just curve up the corners of your mouth.

Make those eyes twinkle.

Bonus points if you go and smile at another person and get them to smile too.

Smiling is contagious!

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  • SandyR

    :) Sending one right back at ya!  :) :)

  • nik

    lol…thanks for the reminder!  :)

  • Angie Marion

    your post DID make me smile! thanks for doing that! Now… You Smile!

  • Nanette_AMomBlog

    Thanks for the reminder. I get so wrapped up in my day  think sometimes I just forget to smile and enjoy it.

  • tannawings

    I gotta remember that sometime :) Thanks for reminding me!

  • Leslie Galloway

    Smiling can also trick the body into improving your mood. Your brain associates those muscle movements with a good attitude, so sometimes the mere act of smiling can make you happy — instead of the other way around.  :)

  • Cecilia Tiepelman

    I need to smile more. Smiles tend to be contagious too. :o)

  • nickie burke

    Nothing beats a good smile. I actrually appricate it when a stranger smiles or says good morning. It’s like a pick me up :)

  • Eileen Richter

    I forget sometimes but for the past months a couple babies in the house is an easy reminder. Stress can really erase your smile. I hope everyone can find at least ONE thing per day to smile about…

    • Robyn’s Online World

      Oh yes those babies can surely make anyone smile!!!!

  • Diana V

    Since I read this almost a month ago I’ve tried to remind myself at least once a day to do this. My face naturally relaxes into a little bit of a frown. My mother’s did as well. When you smile you also get a small oxytocin hit I believe. :)



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