Windows 8 Consumer Preview is Available

by Robyn Wright on March 1, 2012

in Tech

First day of trying out Windows 8 Consumer ReleaseI have been anxiously awaiting a consumer release of Windows 8. I actually love Windows 7, but I think the interface on Windows 8 is amazing from what I had seen in previews. So now anyone can download the beta release of Windows 8 for free and try it out themselves. I did that myself today and will be sharing with you over the next several weeks my thoughts on it.

Some things to consider BEFORE downloading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview:

  • This is an operating system in beta. What this means is that it is NOT the final release and they are still working on bugs with it. If your computer is essential and you are not able to easily fix, change, tweak things on your own, then I do not suggest you download at this point. There is no official support for a release like this.
  • The beta is free, but the final full version will not be. Even if you download the free beta, at some point you will have to buy the final version.
  • You need relatively new hardware for this. If you have a computer that is many years old and has not been upgraded lately you probably will not be able to use Windows 8 Consumer Release.
  • Read Introducing Windows 8 Consumer Preview post on the Windows Experience Blog. This will cover the requirements more and give you a more detailed overview of what Windows 8 can do.

Many of you will find Windows 8 to be much more user friendly I think, although Windows 7 is one of my favorites also. As you read, hear, and see about Windows 8 over the upcoming months please know that it is still going to be changed and modified as we go along. There will be positive and negative things being said – but just like everything – you need to pick what works best for you in the end. I happen to be a PC definitely and embrace all the new Windows operating systems as they come along. To my Mac friends, it’s ok, I still love you, don’t worry.

My initial reaction from today is that it was very easy to install – I mean VERY EASY. More so than previous Windows versions. Non-techy people will be able to handle this. Once installed the screen begs to be touched! You can see on the screenshot above that it is tiles of your apps – from using smartphones and tablets so much I really just want to be able to tap and swipe to use Windows 8. It is compatible with touch devices, but sadly I do not own a touch-enabled PC (yet). My only negative today is those colors on the tiles – I am not a fan. Hopefully, customization of tile colors will be coming down the line soon.

If you are ready – download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Now

I am happy to try to answer any questions you all have about Windows 8 Consumer Preview or point you in the right direction if I am not sure. Ask away!

DISCLOSURE: I am currently a member of the Windows Champions program and receive various benefits from Microsoft as a part of that. Opinions about the products and services are always my own. I am truly a long-time fan of Microsoft and their products.

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1 tannawings March 1, 2012 at 11:38 pm

I am going to keep following your posts about win8 to see what the good/bad points are. My question is though, why do they feel the need to release another so soon? Win7 isnt that old, could they not have upgraded it, or are they aiming at the tablet market? (must be as it is touchscreen)
If they are aiming at the tablet market, I really think they should just say so since so many computers are not touch enabled, and even if they are, it really isnt all that hot.

2 nik March 2, 2012 at 11:10 am

Looking forward to your reviews. Wish they’d offer a streamlined, bare bones version for those who use their computers not so much for social networking as for just offline work on docs, spreadsheets, Photoshop, etc. Something just as fast and efficient but fewer settings and complex networking options to worry about. Kind of a KISS version for techphobes.  :)

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