Big Woody’s BBQ in St. Charles Restaurant Review

by Robyn Wright on July 18, 2012

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It was another scorcher here in St. Louis today so Hubby stopped and picked up dinner on the way home. I knew he had been having a rough day so I wanted to find something he would really like and not fast food. On Yelp! I found a new place in our city called Big Woody’s BBQ. Hubby was very pleased with my selection.

I noticed on Twitter they said it was Porksteak Wednesday. A BBQ porksteak (this is popular in St. Louis – it is a pork butt roast cut into steaks), plus 2 sides and bread for $10.99. I told Hubby baked beans and sweet potato fries for me. And extra sauce!

Big Woodys BBQ Porksteak

I knew from the description on Yelp that Big Woody’s BBQ uses Hickory to smoke their meats. That is not my personal favorite, but it is something most folks like fairly well. The porksteak was very tender, it fell off the bone. The Hickory smoke came through loud and clear in the meat as well, even with the sweet and smoky BBQ sauce on top of it. The sweet potato fries were waffle fries, not my favorite cut, but they had a decent flavor, although a tad limp. Baked beans are always a favorite of mine and these were very well flavored with a tomato base and a bit of sweetness. Both of the sides were robust sizes. Two small pieces of garlic bread were included, a little smushed and soft, but still great for sopping up the extra BBQ sauce. This was an extremely filling meal and worth every bit of $10.99. While I still love Hubby’s BBQ more, because he makes it exactly the way I like it, Big Woody’s BBQ is one of the better BBQ places we have had in town.

Hubby probably would have liked to get ribs, but they only serve those on Saturday and Sunday. So instead he ordered the large version of the pulled pork sandwich along with a side of potato salad and a side of cole slaw.

Big Woodys BBQ

Big Woodys BBQBig Woodys BBQ
The pulled pork had a bit of BBQ sauce on top of it and was served on that same thick garlic bread. They have a small and large sandwich size available and Hubby said this large size was a very nice sized portion. Hubby was very pleased with the potato salad. The cole slaw he really liked, it was very light and fresh. I actually tried it even though I normally do not eat cole slaw. Instead of a creamy sauce this was very light and a little sweet, maybe an apple cider vinegar base? His sandwich and sides were about $10 also in all he said.

This is just a small place in a strip mall near us. I hope they will do well although several restaurants have opened and closed in this location over the past couple of years. It is right next to the police station though so hopefully that will help. Hubby was really impressed with the BBQ and smokiness of everything – he considers himself quite the connoisseur of BBQ so that is saying a lot from him. I liked it better than Bandana’s which is a chain of BBQ places around us.

The menu is very small. I would love to see maybe one more non-fried green vegetable on the menu as the choice of a side. The waffle fries are ok as I said, but I would prefer a steak fry type better, both regular potato and sweet potato. They close each day when they run out of food apparently so make sure you call if it is in the evening to make sure they are still open. This gets a thumbs up from Hubby and I and we would happily recommend it to others in search of a nice smoky BBQ here in St. Louis.

Big Woody’s BBQ
Facebook page – includes their menu
1821 Zumbehl Rd
St. Charles, MO 63303
(636) 724-4227

DISCLOSURE: NONE – Just sharing a local food find.

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1 tannawings July 19, 2012 at 9:18 pm

St Louis is known for BBQ so this must be pretty good stuff. You know all I could think of while I read the post and looked at the yummy pics is your hubby telling you to hurry up and take the pics because he was hungry :)

2 Ellen Christian July 22, 2012 at 10:31 am

That all looks really amazing.  I know where I’m eating if I ever find myself in MO!

3 jlafount July 23, 2012 at 6:55 pm

Small menus are fine as long as what is on it is all rock solid

4 terry petero January 21, 2013 at 6:39 pm

OMG that all looks wonderfull, im not sure they have one here but i did notice a new bbq place one day i would love to try, this sure made me want some.

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