DIY Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Party Decorations

by Robyn Wright on August 14, 2012

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

My mom is amazingly creative (I keep telling her she should blog). She makes the most wonderful things, she is great at putting things together, she wraps fabulously, she sews, and on and on. Recently she put together a super cute Mickey Mouse party for Colby’s 1st birthday. Everyone was amazed! I shared some of the photos via instagram and twitter, but I promised I would put them together in a post and ask my mom how she did it and her creative tips. So here are Mom’s instructions for a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party or Minnie Mouse Birthday Party or combine them for a Mickey and Minnie Birthday Party!

One thing I have noticed with Mom’s projects is that more is better. If you are skimpy with the quantity of items it just does not look as finished. For this Mickey Mouse Birthday Party she has a combination of store bought Mickey Mouse type items and handmade items. The color theme was red, black, and yellow plus a touch of white. Along with the yellow table cloths on all the guest tables, she had yellow, red, and black tablecloths on the other tables for the party too – the ones for foods, drinks, gift table, etc. The balloons really added a nice touch also to the room. Before the party we used those little helium tanks you can get at discount stores to fill up the balloons and added red curling ribbon to tie them in a bunch and anchor them on the table. Those little red buckets were weighted down a bit to keep them from floating. Mom did order a cake to match but it was honestly a bit disappointing – not Mom’s fault at all.

Here are instructions from Mom for many of the projects she did. Enjoy!


Homemade Mickey Mouse Place Mats

Mickey Mouse Place Mats
Minnie Mouse Place Mats

These cute place mats really made the tables look fabulous!


Black construction paper 12″x18″
Red and white polka dot napkins
Plastic cutlery
Mickey Mouse outline stickers (or just any small sticker)

Mom raved about using the Martha Steward Large Circle Cutter for this project – she said it made it so easy! Cut one 11 1/2″ circle and two 5″ circles for each placement and assemble as shown. Mom didn’t mention how she attached them, but I think the tape roller thingies would be great for this. For the hair bow if you want Minnie Mouse Place Mats, she just rolled up the napkin around the cutlery and secured with a little black Mickey Mouse sticker. With the polka dot napkin at the top it looks like a bow on a Minnie Mouse. If you have a very “boy” party, you could just put that item on the side of each placement to make Mickey Mouse instead of Minnie Mouse.

No need to throw these away when you are done. The little kids loved these and took them home. You could easily use them to draw on and for craft projects. If you want to keep using them as place mats you could also laminate them easily. Chalk writes great on black construction paper. Gel pens are another great way to write on dark paper.
Homemade Mickey Mouse wreath

Giant Mickey Mouse Wreath

This giant Mickey Mouse wreath everyone loved. Mom had described it to us when she was making it, but it was not until we saw the finished item that we understood and were so impressed! It is very light weight also, my dad and I hung this up with just a bit of fishing line onto some hooks that were already in the wall.


Two 24” Hoola Hoops
One 36” Hoop
Plastic Table Cloths from the Dollar Store – yellow, red, and black – 6 of each
Duct tape

Cut the table cloths into 12″ strips. Attach the hoops together with duct tape, the larger being the Mickey Mouse head and the two smaller being the Mickey Mouse Ears. Now take the strips of table cloth and fold over the hoop and tie, alternating colors as you go. The finished wreath measures approximately 48″ h x 60″ w.

FYI she had two of those large Mickey Mouse balloons at the party also. Colby was a little unsure of them, but the older toddlers and young kids adored them and danced with them! You can find the standing Mickey Mouse balloons online and at local party stores.

 Mickey Mouse Custom Candy Wrappers


The Mickey Mouse templates above came from a vendor on eBay (Mom did not give me the vendor’s name) for $12.00. The vendor sent a CD with all of the templates and instructions– mom printed them out at home but the color wasn’t very good so she had them printed at Office Depot. It was a little pricey to have them printed – 50 cents per sheet. She used full size Hershey Bars and wrapped them with Red paper and then put labels on them, she used red bags for the large labels and filled them with purchased pop corn. She bought Kit Kats and gum and wrapped Mickey Mouse labels around them as well. Mom also had water bottles that she made labels for. They were all so cute! Again, having so much Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stuff really made the decorations more polished I think.


Chocolate and Candy Coated Pretzel Rods

Chocolate and Candy Coated Pretzel Rods

These were SO good! Very addictive. Mom made lots of them and we brought some home and they disappeared in our house fast – I only got one!


Mickey Mouse sprinkles
Pretzel rods
Melted white and milk chocolate
Plastic pretzel bags

Melt chocolate and dip 2/3 of pretzel in chocolate and put sprinkles on. Dry. Place in bags. Mom says she used a Mickey Mouse ear cutter to make the tabs to close each bag. I believe she made these a couple of weeks ahead and frozen them even, they still tasted fabulous!

Mickey Mouse sprinkles can be found for sale on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and also check your local supplier of cake decorating materials.



Mickey Mouse Sugar Cookies


 Mickey Mouse Sugar Cookies


Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough
Mickey Mouse sandwich cutter

Mom just rolled out the sugar cookie dough and used the cutter  on it. Bake according to package directions and place in individual bags.

Mom says you could decorate if you like using chocolate icing or whatever you like. You could also make PB&J sandwiches with the Mickey Mouse cutter! I think you could easily make Minnie Mouse cookies too by adding a bow with red icing at the top.



Homemade Mickey Mouse Ears and Minnie Mouse Ears

Yes, you could buy the Mickey Mouse ear hats, but frankly that would be pretty expensive. Instead Mom opted to make ear headbands for everyone at the party. We handed them out to guests as they arrived and most folks put them on right away and left them on during the party.


Black felt
Narrow plastic headbands (she found them 10/$1 at the dollar store)
Black spray paint
hot glue gun
Polka dot ribbon for bows

Make a 4 1/2″ circle template. Lay on top of folded edge of felt, cut out circle leaving a 1″ section and fold uncut. Spray paint headbands black. Take felt and wrap around headbands with the fold touching the band – hot glue sides together and lay flat to dry. They stand up on their own. That is it for the Mickey Mouse ears, for the Minnie Mouse ears use the ribbon to make a simple bow to hot glue on to the ears.


mickey mouse invitations

 Mickey Mouse Photo Invitations

The invitations below also came from eBay (Mom did not tell me vendor’s name). She furnished the pictures of Colby (the ones to the left and info are the stock info and not our custom ones) and was sent a final copy of the invitation which she had printed at Walmart – fifty invitations for $35.00 with envelopes.  They were really nice and glossy also. The template for the invitation was $12.00, so overall the invitations cost was $47.00 for 50. She also purchased the matching templates for the Thank You notes and printed them at home.


There you have it! I told you she is creative. She really uses plastic table cloths a lot for things too, especially outside decorations. I will try to get here to share more tips on different projects she comes up with for all of you. Mom does read my blog often so if you have questions leave a comment here and she may answer you directly even (her name is Chris).

What do you think?



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  • yonawilliams

    OMGoodness – she is incredibly creative. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that wreath!

  • yonawilliams

    OMGoodness – she is incredibly creative. That party looks like so much fun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that wreath!

    • Robyn’s Online World

      I agree – she is very creative!

  • Rose

    Oh how darling! My birthday is in June … do you and your Mom want to host? :) Seriously, this is way too cute!

    • Robyn’s Online World

      Mom gets all the credit on this party. She worked her butt off getting everything ready. The day of the party we (me, brother, Dad, grandsons) went and helped get it all set up is all.

      • Rose

        I absolutely LOVE Mickey Mouse. I have measuring cups that Winter sent to me from Disney World, when my great-nephew comes over he always manages to find them, then we walk around singing “Ohhh toodles” over and over again.
        Oh, it’s June 5th, I want to make sure the date is clear. ;) lol

  • Steph

    Such a cute party! The placemats are my favorite (if I had to choose)!

  • ConnieFoggles

    I absolutely love everything about this party! Oh please send the directions to my family because I want this for my 50th birthday party :)

  • Kecia

    Oh wow! My son had a Mickey Mouse birthday party for his first birthday, but it was no where near as elaborate as this! Your mom is very creative!!

  • RoundRockGal

    Not only is this an incredibly cute and creative party setup – it is perfect for a 1 year old. So glad to hear that you didn’t order a stretch limousine for the birthday boy! We were at the Dallas American Girl doll store and saw a party of 12 8-year olds pile out of a limo. While memorable for the girls, what do you do in successive years. Everything is going to suck after that. Save limos for the prom or weddings.

    But I digress – your mom is super creative, and like Connie Foggles said, this could be great for an adult party as well. All hail Disney!

  • Tiffany Winner

    i like the giant balloons and chocolate pretzels rods best, balloon for the kids, chocolate for me…

  • nanlara

    love the placemats, she did a great job

  • Tina Renee Barker

    I especially love the templates, placemats & bright colors! Great job!

  • Lori A.

    So cute!! I’m a big Mickey Mouse fan. What great ideas!! My daughter has really gotten into MM, too. Maybe I’ll use this theme for her birthday :)

  • TheAngelForever

    As you know, I love this post. Your mother did an amazing job with all of the Mickey items. I am not hunting a place to order the sprinkles because I love the dipped pretzel idea. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Diane W

    Oh my goodness! That wreath came out so cool! gives me an idea for a regular christmas wreath maybe using red and green! I really love chocolate covered pretzles. Whenever I buy a bag of them at the store, i pretty much inahle them in the car!

  • Shannon Whitfield

    Best post ever!! My kids love MM stuff, and this is a fabulous 1st birthday party! I’m definitely going to make the cookies (seriously considering a MM party now for Vivian’s 2nd:)

  • Meghin Kathleen Dyal

    hey i am wanting to get some of those awesome mickey shaped balloons where did you guys get them?

  • Joey

    Wow! She is very creative. I love it! What did she use for plates and cups?

  • ruby m.

    I love this party especially the Minnie mouse ears! I’m planning my daughters first birthday and was wondering were your mom found the head bands every were I look they are 3/$1.thanks!

    • Susan

      I would be interested in knowing this as well.

      • Robyn’s Online World

        From my mom…. “I bought plain colored headbands at dollar tree 10 for $1.00, spray painted them back with flat black paint. Felt squares from Walmart one square approx $.17. I think you could get two out of one square, don’t remember for sure though.” Subject: [robynsonlineworld] Re: DIY Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Party Decorations

        • Susan

          Thank you.

    • Robyn’s Online World

      From my mom…. “I bought plain colored headbands at dollar tree 10 for $1.00, spray painted them back with flat black paint. Felt squares from Walmart one square approx $.17. I think you could get two out of one square, don’t remember for sure though.”
      Subject: [robynsonlineworld] Re: DIY Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Party Decorations

  • Becky

    Hey…. love the decorations, I am gonna make the wreath using all black and we have a road sign I am gonna do in red and yellow and attach this wreath to it. One of my grandsons birthday is in August so if I start now ot should be done. lol I cant wait

    • Robyn’s Online World

      Please share pics of what you create! Would love to see them!
      Subject: [robynsonlineworld] Re: DIY Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Party Decorations

  • Lizzy Gibson

    Hello am wondering if I can put in an order for the Mickey Mouse place mats for my son 1st bday in October please get back to me I love it . Thanks

    • Robyn Wright

      Thanks Lizzy, but my Mom doesn’t sell these. The directions are in the post though on how to easily make them.

      • Lizzy Gibson

        Thanks for replying. Just a question where can I get the size cutter to cut the circle am looking but not find the size.thanks a lot

  • dmk

    On the wreath, how did she tie the strips on? Did she just like double knot them or did she fold the strips in half and loop the ends through the middle?

    • Robyn Wright

      Just simple knots

  • Lizzy Gibson

    Hi am not sure if you had received my last msg about finding the right size circle cutter I’ve been searching every where online and can’t find anything please help if you don’t mind really love the idea for my son dirst bday party that’s coming up soon. Thanks in advance

  • Priscilla Lopez

    Everything is amazing where did she buy the hoola hoops?

    • Robyn Wright

      I believe she found the hoops at the dollar store also

  • Jennifer

    YOUR MOM IS AMAZING! the most BEAUTIFUL tables i’ve ever seen!

  • Keya

    Where did she find the yellow and red mickey ear balloons?

    • Robyn Wright


  • Anica Thomas

    My Question is I love love this idea im having a double party mickey and minnie love table decorations

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  • Lisa Brown

    I love the Micky Mouse theme! The inflated Micky is great.

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