Super Fast Christmas Decorating Ideas

by Robyn Wright on December 20, 2012

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Until yesterday morning, I was totally under the impression I had an additional week until Christmas was here. Then I heard 5 shopping days – UH OH! That knocked me into reality quickly. As I am writing this I still have several gifts to buy, I need to do all the stockings, our tree is up but without any lights or ornaments on it, not one cookie has been baked, the cards are still in the box from the store, and I could go on and on. YIKES! I needed some ideas for easy decorating and found a few that I thought I would share.

christmas cloche martha stewart

This is so incredibly easy! Take some pretty ornaments, ribbons, whatever and tuck them in full under a cloche (aka dome). Now, I personally do not have a bunch of these glass domes laying around but I do have a few cake stands with domes and I could use the dome with or without the base. Thanks Martha Stewart, it is a good thing!

inverted glasses with mistletoe for christmas table decor

Why don’t I think of these things? Take a simple wine glass and invert it on your table. Under the glass put some holly (or use ornaments or any other item you want) and then also place a small candle on top in what is normally the bottom of the glass. Super easy idea from Interior Designing Blog.

candy canes she knows

I think all of us instantly associate candy canes with Christmas. The resident vegan over at She Knows has this simple idea of adding candy canes in a little cup or bowl as decoration. You could really go wild with the candy canes even because they are very inexpensive. Hang them or place them anywhere; using multiples of an item really can look beautiful. She also has a few other “vegan friendly” decorating ideas for the holidays.


lights in fireplace

Real Simple keeps it simple by adding a ball of lights to the fireplace for a festive look. You could use any color lights you like and you could have them in a ball like they do, or just wrap them in and around some actual (or fake) logs. Plug in the lights for that nice glow, but without the mess. Great if you live where it is too hot or if you don’t want to have a fire near the tree, or if you are having little kids as guests and want to be safe. Also great if you have a fireplace in disrepair or that hasn’t been swept in a while.

Do you have any super easy decorating ideas for the holidays to share?

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  • Kecia

    Ohh, the wine glass idea is so pretty! Thankfully, we have a little one so we decorated early. I’m sure five years from now when the newness of having a child wears off, we won’t be so on the ball! :)

    • Robyn Wright

      You’ve got lots of years, it wanes a bit during late teen years, but I’m hoping it comes back soon!

  • Jane m

    Love the inverted win glass idea going yo cut holly from outside but I use battery operated candles with LO. Gonna send a pic of our fire place

    • Robyn Wright

      Yes, I love those little flameless candles for everything!

  • Robin O

    I often use candy canes and other holiday candies as decor. I really like the wine glasses with greenery underneath; I will have to try that!

  • Margie

    I like the wine glasses too. So creative and so easy! Robin, I hope you don’t stress too much over all your Holiday chores!

    • Robyn Wright

      Nah, I survived!

  • Ginger Kay

    I have a cake stand, too, and it usually sits empty on top of a cabinet. I should think about ways to use it as a centerpiece, not just at Christmas, but other times of year, too.

    • Robyn Wright

      For valentine’s you could find red, pink, and white heart shaped items, Easter eggs of course, etc. I think I’m going to have to watch for the after-holiday sales throughout the year to find multiples of those little things to use and save money!

  • Stephanie

    I love the dome idea, but I see my 4 year twins picking it up and it all scattering in minutes.

    • Robyn Wright

      With little ones it is just more fun to have things it is ok to touch :-)

  • Elsie

    I love the quick and easy decorations, also the handmade ones are fun!
    We make paper chains and cut paper snowflakes to decorate the doorways and windows.
    Involving the children is important.
    Our house glows because of the family!

    • Robyn Wright

      Awesome Elsie! I totally agree about involving kids!

  • Ravzie

    I have a ceramic Santa and reindeer that I made about 15 yrs ago. I pull it out every year, and voila, I’m all done decorating!

  • Rachel V

    Little late to share, I realize that, but maybe it’ll come in handy for someone for next year. Place green and red ornaments (tops facing down) in a wire basket, add a bow on the side and you have an instant table centerpiece.

    • Robyn Wright

      Great idea Rachel!

  • ria

    Gathering pine cones and some glue and glitter always makes for a nice christmas decoration

  • Wendy T

    I really like the wine glass/candle holder. It could be changed for any holiday or birthday just by putting something else under it.

    Making a mental note of that idea.

  • angie

    all so cute! I have to say that a strand of multicolored LED lights goes a long way. You can put them on your tabletop, string them across the ceiling or over a window, throw a strand over a fireplace mantel, etc.

  • Michelle S

    Love love the christmas ornaments under the glass! So chic!

  • Kelsie

    I wish I had seen these before Christmas. I’ll have to remember them for next year!!

  • terry petero

    Great ideas i would have never thought of some of them.

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