Pinterest Weekly Roundup Spring and Easter Edition

by Robyn Wright on March 25, 2013

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Pinterest Weekly Favorites

I am a tad behind, usually I do the Pinterest Weekly Roundup on Sunday, oops. Yesterday I was busy watching the snow I guess – we had 13.3” of snow here in St. Louis! WOW! Good thing I love snow!

This week, as promised, the focus is on spring and Easter pins that I have found. You can see my entire Spring and Easter Pinterest board for more great ideas too. For me Easter is more a celebration of Spring and I do not focus on any religious aspects of it myself so that is what is reflected in my pins also.

FOOD: Easy and adorable Bunny Buns! I use Rhodes frozen dough in the little balls and they would be perfect to make these bunnies


CRAFT: Sharpie Easter Eggs. Just a few supplies, but the eggs will not be edible. You might want to use blown-out eggs instead of hard-boiled for this project.


GIFTS: If you have teens that you want something unique and non-cute to put in a basket, this is the card game for them!


ACTIVITY: Egg-cellent meal time conversation starters. You can put a basket of the eggs in the center of the table for your centerpiece and then have guests take one at a time to read.


HUMOR: Fun Easter jokes. I love cute jokes like this. Share with your little ones!

Source: via Robyn on Pinterest


Do you have a Spring/Easter Pinterest board or favorite pins you can share?

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  • tannawings

    Love the little bunny rolls- saw those on pinterest last week and thought how sweet those would be. I bet if they are big enough the could even hold an egg!

  • bittripfan

    great ideas!

  • Jenna Petroff

    My son and I are slight Star Wars freaks. I dressed up like Darth Vader for Halloween when I was 4. He waited until he was 6. These Easter eggs will be made. Oh, yes. They will be made.

  • Claudia McGee

    i just love the

    Bunny Buns! i have to make those for easter :)

  • Kathy

    Love the activity Thanks

  • Robin

    The bunny buns are fabulous!
    Here’s a pin for 100 Easter Recipes, Crafts, and Decorations:

  • Mary Calabrese

    If I were inclined to make actual bunnie buns for Easter – and I’m not! – I’d make these, but alas, my family has to suffer through crescent rolls.
    ighmeg at yahoo dot com

  • Stephanie P

    Those Easter eggs are so pretty. Can’t wait until my niece is old enough to help me decorate – she’s only 18 months right now.

  • Jenna Petroff

    Thought you’d want to see how my Pinterest Easter Eggs turned out…:)

    • Robyn’s Online World

      Thank you for sharing – those ROCK!

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