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by Robyn Wright on July 10, 2013

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When I travel I am often lucky enough to try out some fabulous restaurants across the country. As much as I seem to travel though, I am still home in the St. Louis, Missouri area most of the time and have been happy to find great restaurants right here in my own backyard too! To share some of my favorite places around town I am participating in the Social Fabric “Our Favorite Places to Eat” Blog Hop.

I actually live in the suburbs of St. Louis but we try to go around the whole metro area to try out new places. Here are a few of our favorites in no particular order.

  1. Kitaro in O’Fallon, Missouri
    This is owned by the same folks who own our local Shogun Steakhouse and they both are great. We went to Kitaro the first time for Father’s Day and loved the show of them cooking the food at our table as well as the food itself. Kitaro also offers a regular dining room if you don’t want to do the teppanyaki part. Little kids seem to get scared often at the teppanyaki, but about age 7 or 8 and up they seem to do okay.WP_20130609_011
  2. Trailhead Brewery in St. Charles, Missouri
    Hubby and I actually just went here again tonight for dinner. It is on our historic Main Street and is a large spot popular with tourists and locals. They have an actual real working brewery within the restaurant even. We prefer this more for adults only than little kids based on the menu and atmosphere.trailhead beer tanks
  3. Gingham’s Homestyle Restaurant in St. Charles, Missouri
    This is our standby place to eat. Nothing fancy, just classic American food including breakfast served all day. They have a great house salad which is a jumble of things but works great. I love the open-faced roast beef and mashed potatoes. A favorite with the senior citizens for early dinners and the late night folks for pancakes!
    Roast Beef
  4. Ranoush in The Loop of St. Louis, Missouri
    I cannot wait to go back here again. It is Syrian (Mediterranean) food and fabulous hospitality. I wrote about Ranoush last year. Yummy! If your kids are adventurous eaters then take them, if they only eat chicken fingers go without them.
  5. El Mariachi in St. Charles, Missouri
    We have a lot of small Mexican places in our city, but this one is our favorite locally owned place. Their prices are very reasonable, the food is really good and consistent, and the family that owns it and works there is super friendly. Stop in and hace some chips and salsa. Very family friendly.
  6. Llewellyn’s in St. Charles, Missouri
    An Irish pub style eatery. There are a few locations in St. Louis, but we like the one on Main Street in St. Charles best. They have a large outdoor patio, and 2 levels indoors including a private room made from an old bank vault (it is in an historic building). The Shepherd’s Pie and the Bangers and Mash are favorites. During lunch and early dinner it is good for families, later in the evening just for adults as it is a popular bar as well.
  7. The London Tea Room in St. Louis, Missouri
    A quaint little place perfect for lunch. They have very fresh teas of all kinds – the chamomile was the best I have ever had! On top of the tea they have a variety of soups and sandwiches including a wonderfully comforting tomato soup. Perfect for all ages. I shared about The London Tea Room previously.
  8. Phil’s BBQ in St. Louis, Missouri
    OMG this is my favorite BBQ place ever (besides Hubby’s homemade). We used to go ever Friday night when I was a teenager. This is a small, old place that has been added on to. Nothing fancy at all. But oh so good! The spaghetti as a side with a bit of BBQ sauce mixed in is not to be missed and the fresh white bread dunked in the sauce – and all of this along with the best BBQ porksteaks and ribs! This is truly finger licking food!
  9. Hodak’s in St. Louis, Missouri
    I grew up hearing about Hodak’s all the time because my grandpa and dad both worked at Anheuser-Busch Brewery and once a week I think they ordered a big take out order from here for the work crew. They are famous for their fried chicken and constantly have long lines waiting to get in. My grandpa also loved their frogs legs! Very family friendly place if they kids can handle waiting in line.

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1 Jane m July 10, 2013 at 9:59 pm

I think St. Louis needs to be on our bucket list. Must say I love hot open roast beef sandwiches & mashed potatoes. That’s what we had for dinner this evening. Sounds like great places, but I must be honest, I will skip the frog legs

2 donna W July 11, 2013 at 1:30 am

Great reviews of some restaurants I am not familiar with. I had a few opportunities to go to St. Louis when my daughter was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. If I ever get the chance to go to St. Louis again, I will pick a place you recommended. Phil’s BBQ would be my first pick!

3 Robin July 11, 2013 at 5:34 am

Nice variety on your list! The London Tea Room sounds particularly appealing to me. I’ll save the list for the next time I get to visit St. Louis!

4 Jeannine S July 11, 2013 at 8:46 am

These all sound great! My mom (who is a huge tea drinker) would love the The London Tea Room

5 slehan July 13, 2013 at 2:59 pm

I was in St. Louis many years ago and don’t remember the food so I don’t think we ate at any of these places

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