Carrots with Shallots, Sage, and Thyme RECIPE

by Robyn Wright on December 3, 2013

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carrots with shallots sage and thyme - photo by Roland Bello

I was using the new Bing Food & Drink app to look for something different to include on our holiday menu and I came across this recipe for carrots with shallots, sage, and thyme. O-M-G they are so delicious! For me, this was my favorite dish on the table that day and I plan to make these carrots over and over again.

Using rainbow carrots adds a nice variation of color that looks festive. Also, use real whole carrots, do not use the already peeled chunks of carrots that we see so much of in the stores these days. Those carrots really do not have the same flavor as fresh whole carrots, preferably organic too.

One thing I wondered about is what to do with the carrot greens when I made this recipe. Do you have any recipe uses for them? Please do share your ideas!

shallotsShallots are a member of the onion family [shallot image source Evan Amos – Wikipedia Commons].They are much milder and are wonderful with almost any vegetable. I add them when roasting vegetables in the oven often. A small mandolin type slicer – I love my OXO hand-held slicer – is perfect for making those paper thin slices of shallots in a flash.

Using fresh sage and thyme is also important in this recipe. Dried herbs will not give the same impact. If you grow your own, great! If not, most grocery stores now have fresh herbs in bundles or little boxes in the produce section. If you have whole nutmegs, by all means use that freshly grated, but if not the nutmeg can be the already ground kind you probably already have in the spice cabinet.

The original recipe had a bit more butter – but you really do not need that much. In fact, if you wanted you could cut that back a little further and just add a touch of olive oil if you needed to. Remember, the recipe police will not come banging down your door if you make changes to a recipe based on what you like or dislike or have on hand. Just be open to trying new combinations of flavors though to keep your taste buds happy!

Do you think you will try this carrot recipe? How do you normally eat carrots?


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1 Robin December 4, 2013 at 6:51 am

I never think to buy shallots, but I love carrots in any form–especially raw or roasted.
I’ll try this as a side dish; I bet the sage and thyme will make it really flavorful.

2 tannawings December 5, 2013 at 1:37 am

We eat alot of carrots because evryone likes them. Hubby always wants candied carrots which is fine but I think I would like this recipe. I cook with omioms and havent tried using shallots but this looks good.

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