Winning at Weight Loss [infographic]

by Robyn Wright on January 11, 2014

in Weight Loss

infographics logoSince I shared yesterday about my weight loss over the past year I thought an infographic today about weight loss would be fitting. I like this one overall, although the HCG diet part I disagree with since I tried it and I just do not think it is a good plan. Also, the part about overeating – while I do agree that the types of foods we eat make a huge difference, I also know that portion control is a major problem, especially here in the USA. One of the things I have struggled with during my weight loss is the amount of food that I waste when we go out and I order something. The portions are huge!

What do you think about this infographic? Do you agree or disagree with any of it?


Winning at Weight Loss

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1 tannawings January 11, 2014 at 8:08 pm

I think the one I disagree about is sugar. I do not use artifical sweetners as a rule but have never been a sugarholic. I think eating a high amount of anything that is high calories is a contributor. Your snack of choice (or food) might be a high fat , high carb or high sugar. You eat too much of anything without an equal amount of calorie burn you can and will gain weight. Just blaming one particular food is a bit silly.
As I have aged I have also realized the old adage is true if you dont move it you lose it. (meaning muscle mass) A porprtional amount of good muscle mass I feel is the key to good health.

2 Robin January 12, 2014 at 7:09 am

I think the ‘4 ways to find weight loss motivation’ are accurate, but I also think that everyone will have a different path to success, so sometimes people are able to lose weight by breaking some of the accepted rules.

3 SheilaV January 12, 2014 at 1:56 pm

The infographic is very good. I would like to share some other causes of weight gain. Many of our foods contain hormone additives that contribute to hormone imbalance in our bodies. These foods are dairy and meat products. (I recommend to buy organic) Foods that contain non-food ingredients such as dyes, preservatives and fillers, as well as “thickeners” can also cause weight gain because 1.) the body isn’t programmed to digest and utilize non-food, so therefore must do something with it, and encapsulates it in a fat cell and stores it out of the way, or 2.) the non-food items interfere with healthy digestive processes with the liver, gallbladder, pancreas etc. therefore upsetting energy production, hormone balance, or the proper breakdown of sugars and fats, or 3: possibly affects the proper functioning of glands, the brain, heart, kidneys etc.
Another frequent cause of weight gain or hormone imbalance can be birth control pills or patches, and IUD’s, hormone therapy, various prescription drugs and pain medications to include simple over-the-counter pain medicines such as those containing ibuprofen. Other OTC drugs can upset the functioning of the liver and other areas of the digestive system also resulting in the improper breakdown of foods, thus weight gain. If medicines or bad eating choices have affected the digestive system, you can develop gallstones, or even fatty liver disease which invades the liver and causes liver cirrhosis impairing your metabolic health, and you can develop problems with the pancreas, heart and kidneys…these in turn can affect weight gain (or even cause extreme weight loss), and even have more serious or fatal complications.
If you have had gallbladder removal, and have failed to remove the extra sugars and fats out of your diet you can have weight gain, as the gallbladder is necessary for helping to break down the sugars and fats. So it is good to think about the whole picture of what is going on with your body in order to make the changes necessary to reduce weight gain, and hopefully be able to return to a healthier more comfortable weight level. I once saw parents speaking on social media that they didn’t think it mattered that they fed their kids junk foods, foods with lots of sugars, dyes and preservatives (they were sold that this kind of food is “kid food” by the advertisers), however it does, as you are setting up the early damage to their bodies that can have huge and painful impacts on their life later. Bad health is not just about an unhealthy body, it is also about the way your health will affect your longevity and time you will have on this earth to spend with family, the ability to hold down a job, leave you stuck with medical bills, the inability to support yourself….etc. I just went through this with one of my parents and I watched them die a miserable death. Most people have no idea how important the liver is to the body and all that goes wrong once it is no longer working properly. I can’t detail everything here because this comment is already long, but you need to care enough about your children and yourself to make healthy dietary changes now.

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