A Better Way to Text with Verizon Messages App

by Robyn Wright on February 24, 2014

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I'm a #VZWBuzz Verizon Lifestyle Blogger I have been texting for several years now and I have pretty much always used the default texting app on whatever phone I have had at the time. That has now changed. You all know that I work with Verizon in a number of ways including using products, services, #VZWBuzz parties, etc., so I am always trying out new things they offer. Recently I decided to try out the Verizon Messages app. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that it would be something I would really use all the time but I was wrong! This is now my default texting app that I use and Hubby now uses it as well.

My favorite thing is that you can sync your messages across all of your devices. So on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I can send a text but later when I am on my desktop I can use the web based version and see the entire thread of my texts there also. Plus on the desktop/laptop/tablet I can type a lot faster than using my thumbs on my phone which I love!

It does not matter if the other person has Verizon Messages or not – they can still receive your messages and send messages to you to receive in your Verizon Messages. I text a lot of different people, some who are Verizon users, some who are not. There is no problem in that area. The only drawback is that the app is not available on Windows Phone – I’m hoping that this will be coming soon too so I can use it on my Nokia Lumia 928 phone also.

This is a screenshot from my phone of the main Verizon Messages screen (I blacked out a couple of names/numbers for other’s privacy). You can see that Hubby and Jamie both have pics by their name – the others are automated kind of texts so I obviously don’t have pics for those but I could add some if I wanted.

Verizon Messages App Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Along with sending a plain text message, you also have a lot of other options built right in. No extra apps needed. You can send postcards, photos, audio, video, and even real-time locations with Glympse that is built in. Plus there are a ton of emoticons to pick from.

Verizon Messages App Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The postcards have several backgrounds to pick from and you can change the text font, size, and colors. Hubby sends my a Glympse when he leaves work each day and I can track him in real time all the way home – even as detailed as seeing him pull up and then back into our driveway.

Verizon Messages App Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3   Verizon Messages App Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Just like with other texts I can receive photos from others – this one from my brother. He just bought a new Jeep and he texted me a pic of it.

Verizon Messages App Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3


I mentioned there is a web version also. I log in to my Verizon account on that page and then it keeps everything in sync. Just like on my phone, I can see all the photos and other types of texts that I am sent.

See the picture of the Spam in the skillet? Hubby did that in Verizon Messages on his Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. He inserted a picture from within the app and even wrote on it from the same app – I guess he wanted to make sure I knew this was Spam (ick) and that is what he wanted for dinner. He knew I wouldn’t agree to that.

Verizon Messages App Screenshot - Web Version on my computer

We decided on Mexican at our favorite local place instead. You can see in this screenshot too that you can still access all the emoticons from the web version of Verizon Messages too.

Verizon Messages App Screenshot - Web Version on my computer

Verizon has a short video demonstration of Verizon Messages also that might help you understand it even better. You need the app for your mobile devices, for Android get Verizon Messages in the Google Play Store and for iOS devices get Verizon Messages in the Apple App Store.

Do you think you will try Verizon Messages? What feature would you like most?

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  • http://housewifehellraiser.com/ Laura

    I do use this! And I love it! I just got a Galaxy after having an iPhone for years, and my husband’s friend suggested I try Verizon Messaging, because it shows the body of the text as a pop up even if your screen is locked. I think that’s super handy. And I love being able to draw on pictures! It’s a great app. I just installed it on my iPad a few days ago!

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Awesome Laura! I think it is really a hidden gem of an app and feature that Verizon offers. I was really surprised at everything it could do when I first tried it!

  • http://historyinculture.wordpress.com/ Robin

    Well, I am probably one of the last people in the world who still does not do texting..but if you can text from a laptop I would be interested in trying it. Thanks for sharing all those screenshots. I love that you can choose all those backgrounds on the postcards!

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      There are lots of folks who don’t text yet, you aren’t alone. If it isn’t something you need then you aren’t missing anything. For those that use it and love it though this is a fantastic tool.

  • AngelaLilly

    Very cool! Hubby has Verizon (as do I but I have a flip phone LOL!) and an iPhone so I will def tell him about this. Thanks! BTW I noticed an owl icon at the top of your screen shot, what is that? Just curious as I am an owl nut! LOL

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      The owl icon is for HootSuite which I use for Twitter and other social networks. Very handy. I use it on my desktop as well. http://hootsuite.com

  • Carol

    Question… How do I get my contacts to sync to vz messages? All I am getting on both my iPhone and vz tablet is a phone number and no name.

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Are you using the Verizon Backup Assistant? It should sync all of the contacts across your devices for you

  • maureen57

    I have No contacts On my tablet. How do I get my phone contacts on my tablet.

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Are you using the Verizon Backup Assistant? It should sync all of the contacts across your devices.

  • Utopia

    I do use this, but my mms messages do not sync across the devices. Any suggestions?

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Are you using Verizon Messages on all the devices?

      • Utopia

        Yes, I am. It used to sync all messages then stopped.

  • Angie

    I would like to see my contact photos on the web version of text.

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      I agree – wish my contact photos would show up on the web based version and the PC version for sure. Hopefully that will come with an update soon.

  • Randy E. Nevins

    With the newest update, it took away any sound when you type a text is fine but when sending it makes no sound. It used to, to let you know if you sent it by a wrong touch or by accident. There is nothing in settings to fix this. Other than that the app is good.

    Any idea how to remedy this?

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Hi @randyenevins:disqus I just looked around in the app on my phone as well and cannot find a setting for this either.

  • scuba

    How do you change the sound when you get a text to a different one for different people? going to contacts and changing there does not work ?

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Open up the app and then pull up the menu (the 3 little lines usually – depends on device) and go to TONES. This is where you can change the default tone for all messages. To change for an individual person, go into a text thread from that person and again go into that menu, then customize conversation, and then tones.

  • Sarah

    I have my contacts linked with facebook and all of my contact images show up in contacts, but they do not show up in the messenger ap. what can I do to fix this problem?

  • paul

    If i click on a pic that someone sent me, then all the pics they’ve ever sent me show up at the bottom. How do I turn this off because it is stupid.

    • paul

      This is on galaxy note 4 on Verizon messages.

      • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

        I’m not sure how to fix this. I use the Note 4 also and do not have this issue.

    • Erica Cervantes

      double tap on the picture

  • Chuck

    Does “delivered” mean the recipients have read the text or just that it has successfully reached their device?

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Just received by the other person’s device.

  • Nancy Caron – Nashua, NH

    Hi Robyn, I too thought I was just going to try it but found that I love it. It is now my “only” messaging app. I spend a lot of time on laptop and just love the fact that I can use my keyboard instead of phone to text. Love it! love it! love it!

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Awesome! I was kind of the same way, just trying it to start and then I was hooked!

  • Joel Brach

    any way i can sync older massages to my desktop app?

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      I don’t think that there is a way to do this.

  • caroline

    how do I change the font color?

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Open the messages app on your device. Now on top left there are 3 horizontal lines, click on that for drop down menu. Select CONVERSATION BUBBLE – there is where you will find options to change.

  • Bill

    How do I stop message plus from opening on computer start up? Does not seem to be a way.. thanks

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      If you go into your computers settings to see what programs start when you start your computer you can stop it there.

  • Joe

    How do I create groups and send group texts?

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      You can add multiple contacts in the TO: box

  • Terry Wysocki

    Great app. Now I can use my pc to text instead of fishing out my phone. Biggest problem: the incoming text popup lasts only a few seconds then vanishes! WHY???? If I’m not staring at the screen (or taking a potty break) I never know a text came in.

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Those pop up notifications (toasts) are generally short on all programs. The contact issue seems to be different for everyone, some it works well with, others not as much.

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