My Cats Are Living the GOODLIFE™

by Robyn Wright on April 23, 2014

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I proudly consider myself to be a cat lady. Even though I may not have an entire houseful of cats, I do have three wonderful fur babies that I just adore. All three of them deserve a good life and I am happy to oblige. One way is by feeding them well with GOODLIFE™ dry food for cats. My cats all stay inside all the time so I appreciate that GOODLIFE™ cat food has an indoor recipe too.

Cats, just like people, are all unique and have their own personalities. While my three have some things in common, they are all very distinct in their habits, manners, likes, and dislikes. The biggest thing they have in common, other than being cats, is that they are all rescue animals. I am a firm believer in rescuing animals rather than getting them from breeders. They are all also very loving and happy to meet other people that visit our house. I cannot tell you how many times people have said that they seem more like dogs than cats because they are so friendly.


Peaches is our oldest cat at 15 years. She is definitely the cat in charge here also, but in a very loving mom kind of way. My in-laws actually rescued her and gave her as a gift to my son (with our permission and knowledge ahead of time). Her full name is “Peaches and Cream” because of her coloring, she came with that name. She sleeps in the oddest ways sometimes. Often just wherever she seems to land but other times with her head facing right up to a wall, any wall. It is strange. Her most annoying habit is that she licks plastic – I do not know what is up with that but it makes me crazy! Peaches is our most finicky cat. Food is one of those items she is picky about and happily she was liked GOODLIFE™ cat food when we introduced her to it. Other foods she has just turned her nose up at and walked away. Her favorite toys are these little play mice, but they must be the ones that have things inside that make them rattle for her. She will bring me her toy mouse and drop it at my feet ready to play fetch all the time, yes she really does chase it and brings it back over and over again. Her favorite place to relax is in front of the fireplace – she will sit and stare into it until someone starts a fire for her.

Peaches, my adorable cat.


Isn’t she beautiful? Lottie is really the most gorgeous cat I have ever had. The most important thing to her is getting love and attention from anyone. She loves to be petted more than any animal I have ever met! Her second love is food, as you can probably tell since she is not the most petite of cats. She is a flopper too – she walks up to you and then flops right over on the floor and wiggles around while you pet her. We have to be careful though because if she does this up on something off the floor she will wiggle herself right off and fall to the ground. Lottie unfortunately is our smelly cat, everyone seems to have at least one that is smelly. When she uses her litter box she tries really hard to cover her deposits up, but she misses usually. That’s okay though, we still love her.

Lottie - my most beautiful cat.


Our youngest cat is Ozzie, also our only male (although they have all been fixed). He is also the most rambunctious of all of the cats and I adore him for that. He runs all over the house and slides into and off of things all the time. He seems to only know two speeds, 0 and 100! When we found him he had been with the shelter for over six months already and they told us they just have a hard time adopting out black cats. I adore black cats and have had many over the years. I picked him up and he just melted in my arms and seemed so calm and comfortable with me holding him. I just could not resist bringing him home to be a part of our family. Ozzie is the first one of our cats that is jumping in any box, bag, or container he finds. The crockpot is one of his favorite spots actually (when I have the inside part out to clean it – he lays in the outer part). His domain is unfortunately the kitchen table. It is impossible to get him to stay off of it during the day – at least at meal times he stays down though. As much as he is curious and independent he is terrified of the garbage truck and runs and hides every Wednesday morning when he hears it coming down the street. At night, around 8:00pm he starts coming up to anyone in the house and pawing at them and meowing really loudly until someone pets him. He only wants to be petted when he is in the mood for it!

Ozzie - my most rambunctious cat

Here are all three of them on their cat tower. During the day this is where they hang out the most. Ozzie is inside the little cubby area. See his tail sticking out? The top tier is their favorite spot and they fight over it often! We have it right in front of the window so they can look outside, enjoy the sun shining in on them, and feel the breeze when we open the windows.

My cats are living the GOODLIFE™ on the cat tower #goodlifepet #collectivebias #shop

We have used different cat foods over the years but we have found they really seem to feel better when we feed them a good cat food. Their coats are actually in better condition when eating better food too. Plus their “deposits” in the litter box seem a bit less smelly.

What I am impressed with from GOODLIFE™ cat food:

  • Natural fiber helps control hairballs
    This is always a problem with long-haired cats (Lottie and Ozzie)
  • Real chicken is the #1 ingredient
  • Antioxidant blend for a strong immune system
  • No corn, No soy, No wheat recipe

GOODLIFE™ brand cat food is available at Walmart #goodlifepet #collectivebias #shop

I am buying the GOODLIFE™ brand at my Walmart store. There have been coupons on the bags. If not though, you can download a cat food coupon for $1 off GOODLIFE™ brand from their website. You can learn more about what other cat owners think by searching for #goodlifepet in your social networks. Thanks again to #CollectiveBias for introducing my family to GOODLIFE™ brand.

Are your cats living the good life? Tell me about them!


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1 Katrina April 23, 2014 at 7:05 pm

Gorgeous fur babies! My family loves cats, unfortunately, my husband is allergic, and owning them would make his life extremely uncomfortable. We had a cat a LONG time ago, and he was the sweetest thing! He was a cuddler even into his senior years, and he too was more like a dog than a cat! LOL We have dogs now, and they’re our current fur babies, however the definitely live the good life too!

2 Saidah Washington April 23, 2014 at 9:47 pm

Hi Robyn, do you plan on adding more cats to your family? — client

3 tannawings April 23, 2014 at 11:31 pm

Ahhh my cats own me I am afraid. I really only have one ‘on purpose’ cats and even he is adopted! Do they lead the good life? Yes they do. Our Ozzie starts trying to say it is breakfast anywhere from 4am until he can wake you up. I have tried telling him breakfast is only after the sun comes up, he doesnt care. He’s our oldest. The youngest, Angus is the best friend of the dog. When he was a kitten he was supposed to get adopted and the people decided not to get him, and we ended up with him..

4 Robin April 24, 2014 at 5:08 am

Yes, Lottie is beautiful–but all your cat photos are great. I really like the one on the cat tower. I’m glad they’re living the good life!

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