Quick Facts About the Supermoon [infographic]

by Robyn Wright on July 12, 2014

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infographics logoThe moon looks bigger tonight, it’s the supermoon! Go outside and take a look. We actually will have more of these larger than usual moon appearances this summer. This week’s infographic is of course all about this super moon phenomena.

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Did you go outside to take a look? Did it look bigger to you?

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  • tannawings

    We have has rain lately and it has been cloudy so nope havent seen it yet. I love it when the moon does this or it appears different colors.

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      I do too! Hubby was annoyed because I couldn’t see the moon fully from our house because of the trees so I made him take me up to the school for a better view. I’m always fascinated by these things.

  • http://historyinculture.wordpress.com/ Robin

    I’m reading this in the morning, so I guess I missed my chance to see the Supermoon.
    I like the infographic though…and I’ll be ready for the next one on August 10th!

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Yep – put a reminder on your calendar for the next two!

  • http://artpark78.com/blog1 yonawilliams

    Awe man, I missed this…I had a tiring day and actually went to bed early :(

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Hope you recovered from your long day. Don’t worry, we have 2 more supermoons coming up so hopefully you can see those.

  • sgumer

    the moon looked huge. i did actually go outside to take a look at it and saw it on tv as well.

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      Yay! Glad to hear you got to see it too!

  • coupontammy

    We went and looked but it was so cloudy we could only see part of it. We have 2 more chances this summer so we are keeping out fingers crossed that we will have clear skies. Thanks for the great info.

    • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

      I hope the weather cooperates more for you with the next two supermoons!

  • Leslie J

    Wonder if there has ever been a study done on crazies who come out during the super moon!

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