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by Robyn Wright on April 30, 2015

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Must Have Smartphone Accessories  |  #VZWBuzz
So I know most people only carry around one smartphone at a time, but I happen to carry around multiples. The reason is because I am testing them as part of my #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Ambassadorship. Regardless of what smartphone I am using though, there are some must have smartphone accessories that I recommend to everyone.

    • Smartphone Case
      Many of my phones remain naked simply because I change them so often. However, the phones I really love that I keep for a longer period need a case. For most folks the case adds protection, for me, I kind of like the decorative purpose of them. If I am lucky I can find a combination of something functionally protective as well as decorative at the same time. If you happen to live near, or visit, a city with a Verizon Destination Store be sure to check out their customization of cases – they are super cool. Check out all of the smartphone cases Verizon offers. Two we love in our house are the S-View Flip Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Galaxy S5.
      S-View Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4     Otterbox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
    • Portable Power Pack
      If you are out and about on a regular basis a portable power pack is definitely an essential. If your smartphone battery is getting really low, or dead, just plug in this already charged device to recharge your phone on the go. No need to go sit by a wall! Two I love are the Mophie Powerstation and the Motorola Power Pack Slim.
      Mophie Powerstation Plus 3X     Motorola Power Pack Slim
  • Bluetooth Speaker
    If you love to listen to music from your smartphone but do not always want to wear headphones or ear buds then a Bluetooth speaker is essential. It makes your phone a portable stereo system really. I prefer the smaller sized speakers because they are so portable. Perfect for on your desk, in the kitchen, to take on vacation, or anywhere. My favorite is the Bose Soundlink Mini.
    bose soundlink mini
  • Car Mount
    Most of us are using our phones in our car these days. That does not mean you should be holding it and texting or reading emails and such while you are driving though. A mount for your car will hold your phone for you on your dash and allow you to use things like your map/directions, voice commands, and listen to your music. Some mounts will also charge your device at the same time and some will let you listen to your phone via your car speakers. Hubby and I both use iBolt Universal Mounts in our vehicles.
    iBolt Universal Car Mount
  • Car Charger
    Everyone is in their car a lot these days. Having a good charger that you leave in the car and can plug your phone in to charge up during your drive is essential. Not only for you, but also for passengers who may need a boost in their battery level. Please do not waste your money on the super cheap chargers you see at checkout stands and dollar stores. Those do not last and many end up being recalled. Get a good one from the start. Verizon offers several great car chargers.
    Verizon Dual Output Charger
  • Desktop/Nightstand Charger
    If you are at a desk often or if you use your smartphone as your alarm clock then a tablet charger is essential. If you are lucky your phone will have a Qi charger built in and you can just set your phone on it and charge it, no plugging in of your phone required. On my nightstand I use the TYLT Wireless Charging Stand which charges my phone wirelessly and also stands it up so it is easy to see.tylt wireless charging pad
  • Wearable Device
    There are so many wearables coming out on the market right now. Along with activity trackers, there are wearables that do quite a bit more as well. I love the Microsoft Band (psst, I will be giving one away here on my blog soon) more than any other I have tried as it tracks my activity and allows me to see incoming calls, send and receive texts, and much more. Verizon carries several other wearable smart watches and activity trackers.
    microsoft band

Do you own any smartphone accessories? Which ones? Which smartphone accessories are on your wish list?


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1 Robin May 1, 2015 at 6:16 am

My mother just got a new iPhone (she is way ahead of me), and I bet she would like a night-time wireless charger. Since I haven’t decided on a Mother’s Day gift yet, that’s a good idea!

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