The HTC One M9 Smartphone Review

by Robyn Wright on May 19, 2015

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HTC One M9 Smartphone Review
Recently I received the new HTC One M9 smartphone as part of the Verizon #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Ambassador team. Prior to this I was using both a Lumia Icon (Windows Phone) and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android). I’ve been using just the HTC One M9 for a few days now so I really get the feel of it.

Like to see the packaging? Here is my quick HTC One M9 unboxing Vine video.

For those that like to see the technical statistics on a phone….
htc one m9 specs

Now for my actual thoughts on the HTC One M9 for Verizon…Great Feel This may seem silly to some, but most of us really like to have a phone that feels good in our hands. I like the metal case and the weight of this phone. It is heavier than some, but that is what I prefer actually. The tapered edges really add to the comfort in your hand.

  • Custom Themes I love the ability to customize my phone screens but the HTC One M9 really takes it a step further allowing you to create custom themes using your own photos, selecting colors from that photo, selecting custom icons, sounds, and more. Plus you can do all of this without having to download/buy expensive theme apps from the app store.
    HTC custom theme 02HTC Custom Theme 2HTC Custom Theme
  • HTC Sense Home This nifty little widget lives on your home screen and knows when you are at home, work, or out. As you use your phone in these places it recognizes which apps you use the most there and puts them in the widget for you. Love this!
    HTC Home Sense
  • 2 Sided Camera Creation Take a selfie and a shot of what you see all at once. So perfect when you want to capture your scene and your reaction all at once!
  • HTC Zoe Create, remix, share, and do amazing things with your photos and videos. A digital scrapbook of sorts.
  •  Uh Oh Protection Now this is pretty clever of HTC. You get one FREE phone replacement for cracked screen or water damage. We all know what abuse our phones take and so to have them replace a phone if we crack a screen or drop it in the toilet (hey, it happens more often than you think) is pretty cool. They also offer you a $100 towards purchase of another HTC One phone if you switch carriers and your current phone is not compatible. Of course, you all know I think you should be with Verizon regardless. All of the Uh Oh Protection is good for the first 12 months you own your phone.
  • HTC Photo Editor This has some really great features with all the basics plus some amazing overlays to put on your photos – both still captures and video. I loved putting the moving bubbles over this still picture of Annie, my dog. Tons of other great built-in options for photo/video editing included.

    A video posted by Robyn Wright (@robynsworld) on

  • HTC One Dot View
    I do not have the Dot View case, but it is pretty cool. It is a case that uses dots (think cool Lite Brite) on the back of your phone to display weather, time, images, etc.
  • HTC Kid Mode and Parent Dashboard (sort of)
    I am always a big fan of having a kid mode on phones. My nephew, Colby, loves to play on my phone and I love being able to put it into a safe mode when he is using it. The HTC One M9 has these apps, but only sort of, apparently they are working on these and they are not currently available but they are coming soon. I’ll be patient for this feature!
  • Scribble
    I’m loving the HTC One M9 Scribble app that lets you pick a template including notepad, blackboard, kraft paper, calendar pages and more. Once you pick the backdrop you can draw, sketch, add stickers, and customize it in so many ways. Uber cool for you creative types.
    HTC One M9 Scribble
  • HTC One Car
    When you are in your car select the Car mode to limit (sort of) what you can do with your phone to be a little safer. Enable voice commands to easily call someone, play music, or even find something on the map. You can also easily say “yes” or “no” when an incoming call comes.
    HTC Car

A few of my less favorite things….

  • Not Ding Proof
    I’m one of those people who generally carry around a phone without a case on it. I am also one of those people prone to dropping my phone. This one I dropped on our patio a couple of times and the case, although not the screen, suffered a few little dings and scrapes from it. I would highly recommend using a case with this phon
  • Battery Life
    While it is not terrible battery life, it is not as good as some of my other phones. For the average person I don’t think the battery life would be an issue, but if you are more a power user like I am this may not be the phone for you.
  • Scroll Up/Down Not Left/Right
    This is just one of those odd nit-picky things. I prefer to scroll thru my apps from left to right but the HTC One M9 has you scroll up and down thru them.

All in all a terrific phone and I would have no trouble recommending this to most users. If you are an Android fan then you should definitely consider the HTC One M9. Be sure to check out the Verizon HTC One M9 simulator to “test out” the phone even if you cannot get to a local store – it is very cool!

Now that I have had a few weeks to play with this phone, Hubby is anxious to try it out as well. So I’m taking my SIM card out and letting him give it a try next. Hopefully I can talk him into doing a review on his thoughts on the HTC One M9 in a few weeks here also. Everyone has such different and personal tastes when it comes to phones that I like to share multiple opinions for you all.

Do you have an HTC One M9? What is your favorite feature? If you do not have an HTC One M9 from Verizon, what feature do you think you would like the most about it?


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1 Tommy Clifford May 30, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Rock on. Love the speed. Fastest android phone I have ever used!

2 Julie Wood June 1, 2015 at 10:16 am

Your dog is so cute with a colorful neck scarf! This phone is awesome and really has a fast speed! I like android phones. They are the best at taking pictures and posting to instagram!

3 lauriedamrose June 4, 2015 at 9:08 am

My first smarty phone was an HTC !This one looks so cool,thanks for the review

4 tamara m June 4, 2015 at 3:41 pm

I love the feature that puts your most familiar apps in view depending on where you are. this is a great idea.

5 DonRobb June 4, 2015 at 3:44 pm

I like the car mode. It’s really good to have a phone that has your safety in mind.

6 Wilson King June 4, 2015 at 5:00 pm

A great review. It has everything you would want and more.

7 Shirlee White June 6, 2015 at 3:19 pm

Sounds great

8 Charlene June 10, 2015 at 6:30 pm

Great review! I’ve been looking for a new smartphone and this one looks great. I love how well it takes pictures.

9 jessica June 15, 2015 at 9:32 am

I have a htc incredible 2 and I love it . I just don’t want to upgrade because I’m afraid I’m not going to like the other phone as much. This one seems like a good match for me. thanks for the review.

10 Shirlee White June 15, 2015 at 9:05 pm

looks incredible

11 truckerofbc June 16, 2015 at 3:18 pm

This sounds like an awesome phone!

12 Monique July 25, 2015 at 12:52 pm

I love the look of this phone. It has a sleek, clean look. All the features of this phone are my favorite. I kove technology so all phones are my favorite.

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