Infographic: Produce Shelf Life Guide

by Robyn Wright on September 26, 2015

in Food

Infographic - Enjoy a new and informative infographic each SaturdayFor this week’s infographic I found a very useful guide to the shelf life of produce from Cooksmarts. This gives you a general idea of how long the fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs you buy will last once you bring them home. There are several products and tricks for keeping things a little longer – for instance I use a Ball Fresh Herb Keeper in my fridge that helps my herbs last for over a week often.

Do you have any products or tips on keeping produce longer that you can share?


Infographic: Produce Shelf Life Guide

Infographic Source: Cooksmarts

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1 shellypeterson September 26, 2015 at 7:38 pm

This is good to know! Thanks for sharing this. Just out of curiosity do you know you should keep onions and potatoes away from each other.

2 Robyn Wright September 27, 2015 at 11:43 am

The gasses admitted by the onions will cause the potatoes to spoil much faster than normal.

3 tannawings September 27, 2015 at 12:53 am

I think onions and potatoess most root vegetables can be kept much longer if you know how to do it. I tend to dry store them.

4 Robyn Wright September 27, 2015 at 11:43 am

Gone are the days of the root cellars and such – kind of sad!

5 Kristen September 27, 2015 at 2:54 am

This is useful info…I hate when we buy food and it goes to waste. And yes, please DO NOT put tomatoes in the refrigerator!

6 Robyn Wright September 27, 2015 at 11:43 am

Same here Kristen! I wish I lived in one of these little towns with a daily market where I could just go buy everything each day as I needed it.

7 Robin September 27, 2015 at 6:45 am

I am pretty vigilant about not wasting food. If I’m concerned about a certain vegetable going bad I will cook it in a dish then freeze it for later.

8 Robyn Wright September 27, 2015 at 11:44 am

Great idea!

9 Natalie September 27, 2015 at 11:41 am

This infographic is very helpful because I never know how long certain foods will keep!

10 Robyn Wright September 27, 2015 at 11:44 am

Glad you found it useful Natalie!

11 Karen Goodman September 27, 2015 at 3:24 pm

I’ve found brussels sprouts and broccoli last longer than this suggests, and eggplant goes bad really fast.

12 Robyn Wright September 27, 2015 at 3:34 pm

Agreed, sprouts and broccoli do last for a while – eggplant though I have to use in just a day or two of buying them. We just had grilled eggplant Friday night again – YUM YUM YUM

13 pricousins September 27, 2015 at 9:44 pm

I needed this! Thanks!

14 Elena September 28, 2015 at 11:25 am

Thanks for sharing this. I would like to waste less produce

15 Susan Smith October 7, 2015 at 9:46 am

Great information, I didn’t know onions and potatoes shouldn’t be stored next to each other.
s2s2 at cox dot net

16 Natalie October 29, 2015 at 2:47 pm

This is so helpful because I never know how much produce to purchase and how long it will last

17 dpapsis2 November 6, 2015 at 9:40 am

A great resource! Thanks for posting this. I like all the details of how and where to store too.

18 Robyn Wright November 9, 2015 at 3:09 pm

You’re welcome!

19 Tiffany C November 16, 2015 at 9:36 pm

Great info!
Oh I thought sweet potatoes had to be stored like regular potatoes in a dark, cool area! Bananas ripen EVERYTHING nearby, I have to keep it far away from everything!

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