Robyn’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

by Robyn Wright

Robyn's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Rather than waiting to have one single release of a gift guide, this year I am making an ongoing gift guide for you. Through the end of 2012 I will be adding gifts that I feel are worthy of being gifts. Some will be items I have bought myself, others will be items I know friends and family have and love, and some will be items that I was sent a sample of. Regardless of the source, I promise to only include items that I really think would make a great gift.

There will be a post about each item with more details, but this page (bookmark it now) will serve as an index for all the items in Robyn’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. Keep checking back often to see what has been added!

  • Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Knives
    Great for foodies, men, women, under $50
    (added 10/22/12)
  • LG Tone Bluetooth Stereo Headset
    Great for men, women, teens, under $100
    (added 10/24/12)
  • Artistic Sensations Sleeping Bags
    Great for kids, tweens, and teens, under $150
    (added 11/01/12)
    *COUPON CODE: ROBYN for 20% off Nov 1-4, 2012
    **GIVEAWAY – win a sleeping bag!
  • Keurig Machines and K-Cups
    Great for coffee, tea, cocoa drinkers of all ages, under $25 and under $200
    (adeded 11/13/12)
    **GIVEAWAY – Cross Country Cafe is an online store for all your Keurig needs. They are offering a prize of winner’s choice of Keurig K-Cups in the giveaway!
  • Shoe Tape Dispenser
    Great for women, office gift, under $10
    (added 11/16/12)
  • Microsoft Surface Tablet
    Great for women, men, teens, tweens, geeks, travelers, under $500
    (added 11/27/12)
    This is my pick for favorite tablet of 2012
  • Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook
    Great for women, men, teens, tweens, geeks, travelers, families, under $1000
    (added 12/13/12)
    This is my favorite Ultrabook/Laptop of the year!

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1 GlArthy October 24, 2012 at 2:17 pm

I could bookmark but, am usually all over your site to see whatz new :o). The St. Louis link though is foreign to me as I am not famiiar with your hometown. So, I read-on there with the commentors. Thanks for thinking of us enough to want to share a Gift Guide. I like to read reviews before I go out to buy and your pages (if there is an item I am looking for) are included in my search reviews. Latest example, I am looking for an apple product but was quite interested to see your comparison of the iPhone and Galaxy, latest models.