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by Robyn Wright

Welcome to Robyn’s Online World

 The online version of Robyn, a Midwestern mom, wife, geek, and foodie!

My blog is the real me, just in an online version. If it happens offline, you can bet I will share it online. My life as a mom to a teenage son, my marriage to Hubby, and taking care of our home and pets in St. Louis, Missouri. I am the geek in my circle of family and friends, so I share my ideas to make computers and the internet easier. I’m a total Windows fan – which came before I started on the Windows Champions team in 2010. When I’m not online I can be found in the kitchen and I love sharing my foodie-ness with my readers. Currently I am on a weight loss journey and am down over 100 pounds! Plus, since I always have an opinion I love to do product reviews (with giveaways) to share with everyone. There is so much more to me, just like anyone, and I bring it all together, as it comes, to Robyn’s Online World.

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Contact Robyn:  mail@robynsonlineworld.com

Robyn is the 10th most influential person in St. Louis for 2010

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 Verizon Wireless

Bumble Bee Foods

Robyn’s Bio:

My blog has been a fun adventure since June of 2008. I have really enjoyed interacting with my readers and sharing about my life. I know many blogs are put into categories, but I really don’t like to label myself as one certain thing. Writing on the blog is about my life which is multidimensional – it’s not just about me, being a mom to a teenage boy, being a wife, being a homemaker, being a foodie, being a geek, being a pet owner – instead it is all of those things rolled into one nice package. If you are reading Robyn’s Online World you are immersed in whatever it is that has struck my fancy that day.

Reviews are something I truly enjoy doing. Long before my blog, I was one of those people who shared my opinion – good or bad – with friends and family and even total strangers at the stores about products and services. I strike up conversations in the aisles at the store or at the checkout counter still. My blog has allowed me to share my opinion with even more people which I love! The great thing about the blog is that sometimes I even get to do giveaways for my readers so they can try out a new product as well.

I am 42 (yikes, I don’t feel that age) and a stay at home mom. St. Louis, Missouri is my hometown, born and raised. I’ve been married to Hubby since 1992 and we have a 17 year old son together. Both Hubby and Taylor (my son) have really enjoyed testing/sampling items for my reviews also and they know that I may write about all sorts of things they do (good or bad). Our house is also filled with more family in the form of pets – we really are strong believers in rescue adopting. We have 3 beautiful cats, Peaches, Lottie, and Ozzie, and a giant fish tank with our giant Oscar fish, Wallie. No dogs in our home, but all the rest of our family has them so we are around them quite a bit also. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do – I watch lots of food shows on TV and try their recipes plus coming up with some of my own. The internet is a huge part of our lives – we each have at least one computer and everyone goes online daily. Gaming is another big part of our family on our Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 with Kinect, our PCs, and various Android smartphones and tablets.

As I mentioned I am online, a lot. I have been for years and years now. I am the one that our family and friends call when they have computer and internet questions. Twitter is one of my favorite social media venues, you can follow me @RobynsWorld (current Klout score here). Facebook is another frequented place, although I can’t get into farming or the mafia over there. My blog is generally updated daily, if not more often, and Nielsen ranked me as one of the Top 50 Power Moms. In 2011 Robyn was named the 10th most influential St. Louisian on Twitter. I don’t review just everything, instead I try hard to focus on things that my family would really use.


Working with Robyn:

Working with Robyn

I work in a variety of different ways, including as a brand ambassador and being sponsored to conferences and events. For any paid media I can customize what types of coverage you would like – blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, vlogs, Twitter parties, etc. Please contact me and we can work together to create a campaign that works best for your brand. I do understand that not everyone has a budget for paid media. If you would like a review I can do that, but I do not make any promises on coverage or content since that is earned media. I do try to get some sort of coverage for most items that are sent for review. Please contact me for shipping address. If you have a live event, I am available to travel (I’m based out of St. Louis, Missouri). Regardless of what type of media, I still always maintain my honesty and integrity for all of it.

Giveaways are something my readers love and I like giving them the chance to win products. I am happy to do a giveaway of your brand, and this can be done in conjunction with a review however I do charge a $50-$100 fee for creating, promoting, and maintaining the giveaway.

Contact Robyn:  mail@robynsonlineworld.com