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What is your favorite season

February 26, 2013 Living

A quick poll question for you all today. Please feel free to expand on your answer in the comments section too! What season is your favorite? – Vote

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What Valentine Gift Do You Want?

February 13, 2013 Living

A quick poll to see what gifts everyone likes for Valentine’s Day.

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Guess What This Is

November 24, 2012 Living

Hubby and I were out this evening and we came across this item. Luckily it had a tag so I was able to see what it was, but I’m curious if you can guess what this is….. Well what do you think? Any ideas? Take a guess just for fun! CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER TO […]

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How will you use tech over the holidays?

November 19, 2012 Tech

The lovely folks (and they really are, I’ve met lots of them) at Verizon have a quick 10 question survey. They want to know how you will use tech over the holidays. I promise it is painless – they are all easy multiple choice questions. Take the survey now. Psst – after you take the […]

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Samsung vs Apple

September 16, 2012 Tech

I love this new ad from Samsung – it compares the Samsung Galaxy SIII to the iPhone 5. I will still be talking more about using my new SIII, but this ad says the side-by-side specs better than I could. For those wondering, yes I am still very pleased with my decision to switch to […]

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Best Burger Toppings?

August 27, 2012 Food

This weekend is Labor Day and there will be a lot of grilling happening and burgers are an American favorite. I grew up with Dad grilling burgers often and now Hubby grills even more often. My mom and Aunt Jay used to eat burgers a certain way and I quickly adopted that as my favorite […]

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What Dairy Questions Do You Have?

May 6, 2012 Food

I’m working on a list of top questions about dairy. Do you have questions about dairy foods? dairy nutrition? dairy farm practices? I’ll be submitting the 4 most common (I’m asking on Twitter and Facebook also) Monday morning to Missouri Farmers Care. Thanks for your input!

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Celebrity Moms vs Real Moms

December 13, 2011 Living

There seems to be a trend lately of using Celebrity Moms instead of regular real-life moms in social media. For example a celebrity, known for singing or acting, but who is also a mom (although not famous for that at all) is used as a spokesperson on a company blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Many of […]

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If my blog were a TV channel….

November 14, 2011 Tech

During #blogchat on Twitter the fabulous @MarcyMassura was comparing our blogs to a TV channel, the topics are the shows, etc. Really great chat this week. Then the question came up, if your blog were a current TV Channel, which would it be? I had my own answer as to what real channel I thought […]

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What is…..

September 19, 2011 Tech

Ok gang, Microsoft wants me to ask you all these questions. There are no right or wrong answers – just tell me what you think! They may even include some of your answers on the Windows Experience Blog! What is technology? What is a computer? What is windows? I am anxious to see what your […]

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