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Technology In Education

August 28, 2014 Tech

Recently Microsoft and Parade Magazine asked me to participate on a panel about technology in education (disclosure – I was compensated for my time). Education has always been a high priority for me as a parent and technology has played a big part in my son’s education. I was honored to be a part of […]

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Favorite Things for Back to School Time

August 12, 2013 Living

It has been a long time since I was in traditional school and my son is done now too. Sigh. I love back to school time and this year it is so odd not having anyone going back to school in our home. Nonetheless, I am going to enjoy some of my favorite things for […]

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Bring Salad Bars to School Cafeterias [infographic]

April 6, 2013 Food

We all know the importance of eating lots of fresh veggies. Finally, we are starting to see more and more campaigns to help schools provide healthier foods to our kids. The Salad Bar Nation is one way this is happening. On Salad Bar Nation you can actually find a new salad recipe every week – […]

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Fat Letters from School

February 28, 2013 Living

Schools in North Andover, Massachusetts are now measuring students BMI (Body Mass Index) and sending letters home to the parents of students who are obese and those who are underweight. The focus in the news has been on the “fat letters” and the stories all just tag on about the underweight part at the end. […]

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Keep the Kids Learning at Home

July 16, 2012 Living

This back-to-school season, Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive have partnered with and Dr. Alanna Levine to provide moms with helpful tips to set their kids up for success as they head back to school, and Clever Girls Collective is joining in on the fun! To find out more about this great program, subscribe to the Healthy […]

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St. Louis Bread Company (and Panera Bread) Top Teacher

April 23, 2012 Reviews & Giveaways

Here in St. Louis Panera Bread is called St. Louis Bread Company – but yes it is the same as Panera Bread that you have in other parts of the country. Right now they are having a contest is select markets – St. Louis, Washington DC, Detroit, Dallas, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Hampton Roads. The contest […]

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$20,000 College Scholarship from KFC via Twitter

December 9, 2011 Living

My son is not a senior in high school yet, but it is approaching soon and so I am starting to keep my eyes open to scholarship opportunities in case he decides to go that route (he is undecided). Yesterday KFC contacted me about a college scholarship they are offering through Tuesday that is different […]

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Are your kids ready for algebra?

October 13, 2011 Living

My son is in high school and is taking algebra now, but it is not his strongest subject. I think the biggest reason for that is because he has struggled with math for many years. What amazes me though is that he understands some more in depth processes, but some of the basic math functions […]

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A School Bomb Threat Today

September 22, 2011 Living

Yes, you read that right. Today at Taylor’s campus there was a bomb threat. ACK! What is wrong with our world where kids and parents have to worry about bombs in their schools? Taylor was the first to alert me. He sent me a text this morning about it. I went online to the district’s […]

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Super easy back to school supply shopping

September 7, 2011 Living

Do you get the list from the teacher that has 117 things on it and you can’t find some of the items at your local store? Ugh, I used to find that SO annoying! A local mom here in St. Louis has started where you can get your school/grade specific Mypack school supply kit […]

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