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Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System Review

November 16, 2015 Living

Recently I became a Netgear Ambassador. The first product they sent me to try out was the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera. Disclosure: I received the product for free to use and be able to share my own experiences with you, opinions are my own. I was excited to try this out because Hubby and […]

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5 Smartphone Security Essentials

January 20, 2015 Tech

I am asked about security for smartphones often. A few years ago the answers were easier as there were not as many different devices and they did far less than they do now. With the advancement of options and ability also comes risk. There are a few things that everyone can do with their smartphone […]

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Protect As You Connect [infographic]

April 27, 2013 Tech

Regardless of how much I preach security to everyone I know, some still don’t get it and frankly sometimes security issues happen to those that do understand too. For this Saturday Infographic I found this one from Microsoft (Disclosure: A reminder that I do receive certain perks as part of the Windows Champions team – […]

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Hax Attacks Game to Learn During Cyber Security Month

October 15, 2012 Reviews & Giveaways

October is Cyber Security Month (watch #CyberSecurityMonth on Twitter), a topic that is truly important. Sometimes though it can be a little boring to learn about though. Luckily Cyber Griffin has a new game, Hax Attacks, which really is a fun way to learn more cyber security tips. HONESTLY – this game IS FUN! I […]

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10 Ways to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

July 17, 2012 Living

Vacation season is in full swing this time of year and sadly the crooks know it also. We never want to be the victim of a crime, but on vacation is especially tough. You can take some steps and make plans ahead of time so that you can relax and enjoy your trip and have […]

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Tax time scams

March 31, 2012 Living

With the peak of tax season upon us we need to make sure that we do not fall victim to scams that are out there. This happens offline as well as online. Not only do you need to protect yourself, but I really feel strongly that we need to let our friends and family know […]

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Are your children’s IDs safe?

February 10, 2012 Living

Identity theft is a hot topic of discussion these days. We are warned about our online banking and shopping habits, to shred or burn documents with our personal information on it, and to overall be more aware of what is out there. However, did you know that thieves target children’s identity? I had never even […]

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TUTORIAL – Changing your tagging settings on Facebook

November 11, 2011 Tech

Today during the weekly #VZWBuzz Twitter party I mentioned about changing your tagging settings on Facebook. Several folks had no idea this was even possible so I said I would do a tutorial for everyone. I did a screen capture video to walk you through it. If you have any questions though, just leave a […]

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Win a Kindle Fire from @TheOnlineMom

October 25, 2011 Tech

Join in Wednesday evening, October 26 from 8:00-9:00pm Central for the weekly party with @TheOnlineMom This week the topic is online privacy issues and protecting your identity. It is a really important topic and I promise you that regardless of your geek-level you will find out useful information. This week the party is being sponsored […]

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Lady Geek TV – Win a Laptop

October 13, 2011 Tech

Lady Geek TV has done a video for Kaspersky’s latest Internet Security Software. The video is kind of dorky (in a silly way) and overacted (in an apparent way to be more silly), but if you need to share with someone who doesn’t get WHY they need a good security program it is a good […]

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