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Fat Letters from School

February 28, 2013 Living

Schools in North Andover, Massachusetts are now measuring students BMI (Body Mass Index) and sending letters home to the parents of students who are obese and those who are underweight. The focus in the news has been on the “fat letters” and the stories all just tag on about the underweight part at the end. […]

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My journey on the HCG Diet

March 7, 2012 Living

This is my first video in a series I am doing about my weight loss. This first portion of the videos is about my use of the Pounds and Inches Away program of the HCG Diet. This diet has a lot of controversy around it. Please note that my doctor recommended that I try this […]

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BistroMD Meal Plans Review and Giveaway

January 18, 2012 Food

This time of year many folks are trying to eat healthier whether it is to lose weight or just be healthier overall. There are plenty of frozen meals in the freezer aisles at your grocery store too, but honestly many of them just are not very good to eat. Recently I received some samples by […]

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